Results of examining the cause of abdominal pain (diarrhea) on the day after eating ramen


Ramen is delicious ♪ ♪

I, my wife, my colleagues, my friends all like ramen ヽ (^. ^) ノ


Last week and yesterday

I ate ramen and the next day, my stomach hurts! ! It became "(T_T)

If I was alone, my wife who went with me was also the same symptom

Well, food poisoning? What? I got through my head

Since it was a different store from last week and yesterday, it was said that two people were "different"

I tried various investigations on my own! !


Survey the ingredients of noodles thoroughly! !

Leave the toppings on top

To examine noodles ...

Surprising facts turned out! ! !

that is,

"Wheat" and "water" used in making noodles had causes of abdominal pain.

Regarding "wheat", the cause is almost allergic in most cases

The cause of most abdominal pain is

It is "water" used when making noodles.

To be exact, it is called "brine".

Branch water exists as natural in Mongolia and others

In Japan, we synthesize and refine "brine".

The ingredient is "alkaline" containing sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, etc.

Actually, "alkaline" causes abdominal pain and diarrhea for a considerable time.

Have you heard of alkaline ionized water? What?

Diarrhea with alkaline ionized water

I remember listening to such a thing well.

Since noodles contain alkaline "brine"

Abdominal pain and diarrhea are likely to occur.


For delicious noodle noodles, "brine" is almost used.

By using "Kanryu", the color of the noodles turns yellow and gloss comes out, the soup of that noodle,

And the taste comes out.

Well, I do not care if I do not have a balata or a pair of headphones

After all, because it contains "brine" · · · will have diarrhea! ! (@ _ @;;)

Will you endure diarrhea in search of deliciousness

Patience with diarrhea, seeking taste

If I am ... I want deliciousness ヽ (^. ^) ノ




Investigate the soup! !

Although it is soup, it contains various kinds of things,

According to the examination, the soup is "white"! !

Well, like that, I think it is "oil".

Fat is difficult to burn! ! Well, to say it well

"Oil" is also hard to decompose in the body (T_T)

Inside the body, "oil" will be born as soon as possible to put out the body.

"With dark eyes! ! What a person,

It is a knockdown with a double punch of "brine" and "oil" ne ... crying

In case

So, if you say that you can not actually prevent diarrhea or abdominal pain

It is not so ♪

Actually, I will introduce ingredients to prevent diarrhea and abdominal pain ♪

(Please try so also for babies and kids ♪)

In case

Lucky card

Raku-sho is smelly, is not it?

The source of that smell is a very strong antimicrobial substance called allyl chloride.

The antibacterial substance acts to enhance the absorption of vitamin B1

At the same time will prepare the intestines so it will also show effects on diarrhea ♪

Honey (Ideal for babies and children)

Honey will kill that Shigella in 10 hours! Did you know that?

In addition, E. coli and typhoid fungi have bactericidal ability to kill in 48 hours!

When diarrhea does not stop, honey is very effective ♪

It will kill with a strong sterilizing power and will proliferate beneficial bifidus bacteria.

Sweet and sterilizing effect is outstanding, so it is perfect for babies and children who are not good at medicine ♪

♪ I think that you can leave it at home all the time ♪

In case

Black tea

Did you know that tea is effective against diarrhea? What?

Tea has a high astringent effect on the intestines,

Some people have the effect of suddenly weakening the momentum of diarrhea! !

If tea is sold at convenience stores ♪ I guess

You can easily obtain it ヽ (^. ^) ノ

In case

Yogurt (prevention)

As you know, it is a food full of nutrients that will increase intestinal bacteria.

However, since yoghurt is preventive, everyday habits are required!



Somewhat, it is a story of ramen or diarrhea and abdominal pain story is not understood either (@ _ @;;)

But it 's pretty "diarrhea and stomachache" is a kind of trouble that happens in everyday life, is not it? What?

Even if you like delicious ramen at any time

I would be happy if you could refer to measures against diarrhea ヽ (^. ^) ノ


I'm sorry, my English is not good(T_T)